I offer my clients retainer and pay-as-you-go pricing plans. Retainer packages start at 10 hours per month and are based on a rate of $50/per hour. The pay-as-you-go rate is $55/per hour.

I bill in 10 minute increments and any unused hours do not roll over. Any additional hours used are added to the following month's invoice.

Here are some examples of the monthly investment for retainer packages ranging from 10 to 30 hours per month. Retainer packages can be customized to suit your needs.


Retainer Packages

Monthly Investment

  • * 10 hours/month - $500
  • * 20 hours/month - $1,000
  • * 30 hours/month - $1,500

  • Pay-as-you-go - $55/per hour





" Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."

– Dwight Eisenhower



Dedicated—diligent and naturally service oriented, I love helping people reach their goals. I adore my clients and am committed to their success.

Mindful—personalized care and vurturing (virtual nurturing) for your business. I'll be attentive to your needs and aim to meet or exceed your expectations.

Collaborative—building a long-term collaborative relationship is what will make our working together flourish. Together we can achieve great things.